Hey, y’all. Here you will find podcasts that have graciously invited me for guest spots on episodes.

I Love Movies U Should 2

“Episode 19: We are kicking off spooky season on the show with an oversized episode. From the horror blog Another One For The Fire, the creator Parker stops by to chat everything but this movie. Along with the longest cold open in the show’s history, we get into so much horror and film in general. From Evil Dead, Elisabeth Moss, Would You Rather to Dennis Hopper, Land of the Dead, and Freddy Kruger gloves this episode has it all. It was an awesome way to start of the limited series on the show. If you want to hear two LGBTQIA horror nerds get really nerdy, grab a beer and take a listen.”

Twitter @ILMUS2Pod

Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/i-love-movies-u-should-2/id1511231569?i=1000492896603

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