Tis The Season For Spooky Yule Logs

Tis the season for the relaxing, ambient videos that satisfy not only your holiday mood, but also your Halloween horror mood that lives all year round. 

So welcome to your one stop shop for all spooky streaming Yule logs! 

Terrifier 2

Just in case you didn’t get the Clown Cafe theme song stuck in your head the first time, streaming service Screambox (current home of Terrifier 2) posted it on an hour long loop where you can then proceed to put the YouTube video on a loop and let the Clown Cafe Song run like the Energizer Bunny. No one said that the crackling fire in these videos had to be coming from a fireplace so here are the pleasant sounds of a crackling fire as the Clown Cafe burns.


Fans of Showtime’s Yellowjackets are FEASTING this holiday season. First, we got a teaser trailer with the updated release date for season two, then soon after that we got the confirmation for season three , and most recently we got our first look at Lauren Ambrose as adult Van. Fans have also looked closer and spotted potential Easter eggs for the upcoming season in the video.

As Winter Storm Elliot makes its way across the country, this one almost feels too much like #vibes as I’m looking out the window. 


The best season of horror television in 2022 ended with a Christmas-backdropped episode with the ever-cheeky title “Chucky Actually”. 

Now we wait for the best present we Chucky fans could receive- an announcement that season three is a greenlit. 

The Shining

Maybe it’s not exactly a festive holiday watch, but The Shining is a winter watch staple. This video drops you into the flashback sequence with Jack Torrance with the sounds of oldies jazz and bar sounds. Great party, isn’t it?


And Ol’ Reliable Shudder has a small catalog of Ghoul Logs to choose from. In the same manner that you watch A Nightmare Before Christmas from October 1st to December 25th, Shudder’s Ghoul Logs are there for you as these months pass.

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