Children Of The Night- Songs About Vampires

“Vampires Will Never Hurt You” My Chemical Romance

“And if the sun comes up

Will it tear the skin right off our bones?

And then, as razor sharp white teeth

Rip out our necks, I saw you there”

The early 2000s were prime for the marriage of emo and metalcore and vampires. 

“Vampires Will Never Hurt You” was the debut single from My Chemical Romance. Released on May 27, 2002, the cover featured a still from Halloween III: Season of the Witch. The song became the third track on their debut album, I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love, released the following July. 

Lead singer Gerard Way had been a comic writer and artist before the formation of My Chemical Romance and still is (see Umbrella Academy). At the time of the recording of Bullets, he had been working on a vampire comic that never got completed but he said it’s part of the reason why vampires come up in the lyrics. 

“A Vampire’s Lament” Atreyu

“I used to be golden, a saint in a time of sorrow

But then the turning came and I kissed the sun goodbye

Don’t you get it? It’s always darker in my eyes”

Metalcore pioneers Atreyu released their debut album entitled Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses in 2002. The album featured some re-recorded versions of songs from their second EP, Fractures in the Reflection of Your Porcelain Beauty. One of the newly written songs was “A Vampire’s Lament”. 

I’d also be lying if I said there wasn’t a period when I was in middle school where I listened to this album on a loop. 

“The Crimson” Atreyu

“And with blood tears in my eyes

I’m an Anne Rice novel come to life

I can’t hide the monster anymore

One can only feel desolate for so long

Until one starts to change

Into something the mirror doesn’t recognize”

The third single from their second album, The Curse, the music video for “The Crimson” received airplay on MTV2’s Headbangers Ball and FUSE. The Curse gave Atreyu more commercial success than their debut album, reaching #32 on the Billboard 200 in and #1 on the US Independent Albums in 2004, where Suicide Notes peaked at only #30. The album art features a woman in a red bra with her mouth slightly open, but the deluxe release art in 2005 gives us a much clearer look at her teeth, which include bright white vampiric fangs. 

Her Portrait In Black” Atreyu

“Can you feel her burning through your veins

She will always live forever

Can you bear the burden?”

The 2006 sequel to vampires vs. lycans film Underworld, titled Underworld: Evolution, followed the soundtrack suit and released a soundtrack full of gothic/electronic/metal/industrial music. Underworld: Evolution Original Motion Picture Soundtrack January 10, 2006, ten days before the wide release of the film. Featured was an original song by Atreyu, “Her Portrait In Black”, which also got a music video featuring clips from the movie intertwined with a performance by the band and glimpses of a vampiric version of lead vocalist, Alex Varkatzas. 

“Bloodbath & Beyond” Ice Nine Kills

“I’ve crossed an ocean of time,

Caused unspeakable crime

But I would not change a bloody thing

Hunted by all mankind but they’re one step behind”

As part of their literary concept album Every Trick In The Book, Ice Nine Kills wrote the song “Bloodbath & Beyond” about Bram Stoker’s gothic horror classic, Dracula. Stoker’s novel was first published in 1897 and introduced us to the characters of Count Dracula and doctor/monster hunter Professor Abraham Van Helsing. 

Looking back at the novel, lead singer Spencer Charnas told Metal Hammer that, “Equal parts sinister and sexy, this novel introduced the world to perhaps the most famous monster of all time.”

“Vampire Kiss” Stellar Corpses

“As the sky grows dark

A fallen star is there to light your way

The Devil knows what we are

And I thought I heard him say

We sleep all day

We party all night

Never grow old

It’s fun to be one of us”

Horror punks Stellar Corpses released their single “Vampire Kiss” on Halloween 2011. The song appeared on their second album, Dead Stars Drive-In, was released in January of 2012. The music video for “Vampire Kiss” stars Alycia Paulsen and features appearances from AFI bassist Hunter Burgan and music producer Joe McGrath. Along with appearing in their music video, Burgan did backing vocals on the songs “Vampire Kiss”, “Evil Dead” and “Dead Stars Drive-In”. AFI guitarist, Jade Puget, also left his mark with the album, doing sound design for the song “Be Still My Heart”

“Lost Boys The 69 Eyes

“We are dead until dark

But that’s another thing

Nothing really matters

Behind the shades of blue”

Forming in 1989, Finnish goth rockers The 69 Eyes are still going strong with their own brand of “Goth ‘n’ Roll”, even referred to as “Helsinki Vampires”. 

Their first CD that was released in the US, and seventh album overall, was 2004’s Devils via Virgin Records. “The Lost Boys” was the first single, with a music video directed by Bam Margera that was recorded between Philadelphia and Rainbow Room in Hollywood. 

“Everyone I Know Has Fangs” He Is Legend

“I’ve been meaning to look behind your smile.

I’ve seen it a half a million times.

So how’d I not noticed that you have fangs?”

If I didn’t sing my praises of He Is Legend enough in my Main To Colorado Road Trip Playlist- Songs Inspired By Stephen King then please allow me to continue. 

In 2008, the band announced in a blog post that they would be taking a musical sabbatical in the woods of North Carolina. On April 24, 2008, they posted four demos on their Myspace page from their retreat, including the song “Everyone I Know Has Fangs”. The album that those songs would be featured on, It Hates You, wouldn’t be released until July 13, 2009. 

“Blood Cave” Argyle Goolsby

“Hey Mike! – You’re changing quick.

Your balmy skin is screeching at the sun.

Hey Mike! – You’re getting sick.

Welcome to this undead way of fun.”

Horror punk musician Argyle Goolsby has been in the game since the late 90s when he was a part of Blitzkid. Along with collaborating with numerous other acts in the horor punk scene, including members of The Misfits and Mister Monster, Argyle Goolsby has released a few solo albums and singles as Argyle Goolsby and the Roving Midnight. His 2017 album Darken Your Doorstep features songs about movies monsters such as The Babadook and the vampires from The Lost Boys as they’re recruiting Michael in the song “Blood Cave”. 

“We Only Come Out At Night” Motionless In White

“We are the children of the night and we are rising from the grave.

To haunt you in your sleep and drink you from your neck.

We only come out at night”

Opens with a sampling of Bela Lugosi in Universal’s Dracula delivering the infamous spooky line, “Listen to them, children of the night, what music they make.”

Motionless In White weren’t hesitant to release merch with images of vampire characters on them, notably a hoodie with Christopher Lee as Dracula in the 1958 Hammer Horror film. 

Featured on their debut album, Creatures, “We Only Come Out At Night” is about vampires, generic and notable, with lyrics that also nod to Joel Schumacher’s 1987 cult vampire classic The Lost Boys- 

“Cry little sister and save these, 

and save these lost boys, 

thou shall not fall, we can’t fall

Be one of us.”

“Your Neck” Alkaline Trio

“We’re the things that go bump in the night that you can’t see

We’re the mishaps that always happen in threes

This ain’t no rocket science, no big mystery

Why the light of day that’s shown to us

Is absolutely meaningless to me”

Dan Ozzi of Differuser wrote that Alkaline Trio wrote lyrics that, “combine the macabre imagery of the Misfits with the clever turns of phrases of Jawbreaker,” and there could not be a more accurate description. Their fifth studio album, Crimson, was released in 2005 and featured dark lyrical content about Susan Atkins of the Manson Family with the song “Sadie”, the trial of the West Memphis Three with “Prevent This Tragedy”, and vampires with “Your Neck”. 

In the fall of 2005, Alkaline Trio toured with My Chemical Romance, so between the bands and the fans in attendance there were a lot of vampiric vibes, for sure. 

“Santa Carla Twilight” Tiger Army

“If you want forever close your eyes and surrender to me

Just remember today was the last that you’ll ever see the sun

In Santa Carla”

Playing their first show in 1996 at the famous 924 Gilman Street venue in Berkeley, California, Tiger Army released their first EP in 1997. Led by guitarist and vocalist Nick 13, Tiger Army has released six albums, four EPS, and appeared on a dozen compilations. 

Known for a psychobilly sound that layers in country, punk, and the blues, Tiger Army sing about love, loss, ghosts, and the occasional vampire. “Santa Carla Twilight” appears on their third studio album, 2004’s Tiger Army III: Ghost Tigers Rise. The song title references Santa Carla, the city in which The Lost Boys is set. 

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