The Dwellings Of Horror Fans In Horror Movies

More than most other genres, science-fiction and horror have the power of merchandising on their side. Posters, shirts, costumes, toys and action figures, pins, flamethrowers (the kids love that one). Conventions and websites have allowed fans to discover companies and artists and collectors items to add to personal collections. Maybe you have a shelf set aside to show off your collection or an entire room or they’re just scattered all over. These are some of the genre fans in horror movies that found spots to display bits of their collections.

Carter’s dorm room in Happy Death Day/Happy Death Day 2U

    Dorms might not offer too much space but those who have lived in them knew how to make it work when it comes to customization. I was able to put up my Paramore poster, Frankenstein and Rocky Horror Picture Show magnets on my mini-fridge, and had a spot for my dvd collection of The Nightmare On Elm Street franchise. Tree wakes up in the dorm room shared by Carter and Ryan on multiple Monday the 18ths so we get to visit his room fairly often and we get to see that has up posters for They Live, Repo Man (The Criterion Collection art poster, no less), and Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie

Chainsaw’s room in Summer School

The name’s Chainsaw, as in “Texas Massacre”. 

Chainsaw’s room is left to right, floor to ceiling, packed to the gills with horror posters, masks, and other props, including an animatronic severed hand alarm clock. Plus, he’s an Iron Maiden fan and so many times horror and metal go hand-in-hand.

Tommy Jarvis’ room in Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter

Maybe they don’t live close to bigger cities and shopping malls but Tommy is still able to fill his room with all sorts of special effects make up tools. He builds his own masks and alters store-bought ones. He even takes some of his creative prowess to shave his head and make a “costume” to trick, and kill, Jason.

Bill’s room in IT

As Bill helps Georgie build his ill-fated paper boat, we get a tour of Bill’s room where he has up posters for Beetlejuice, Ghostbusters, and Gremlins posters- all staples in PG-horror. 

In Chapter 2, Ben builds an underground clubhouse for The Losers Club. Maybe The Lost Boys  poster in their underground fort was Bill’s contribution to decorations.

Kirby’s house in Scream 4

Maybe Kirby’s movie shelf isn’t the biggest on the block, but she has some deeper cuts with Suspiria and Don’t Look Now. The only time we see Kirby’s room is when Sidney and Jill are running from the killer but it’s enough for us to see Rear Window, Nosfertau, and Tremors posters. 

At Woodsboro High, The Cinema Club room is decked out in posters.  With Charlie as club president (and Robbie as the VP), do we expect any less. The movies-within-the-movies Stab franchise, Rob Zombie’s H2, Deathproof, Army Of Darkness, Wolf Creek, Romero’s Dawn Of The Dead, Carpenter’s The Thing, and two other Wes Craven (RIP) movies The Hills Have Eyes and The People Under The Stairs. We never see Charlie or Robbie’s houses in the movies but we can rest assured that their rooms are covered in horror posters, as well, and probably an action figure or two.

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