Pause- an update

The ideas for doing a podcast/blog/whatever started to take shape towards the end of last summer. Doing a series on Romero’s zombie movies was always at the top of the list for discussion topics.

Over the last few weeks, the dots have connected a bit too much.

For my sake and your’s, I’m taking a break from talking about Romero’s zombie movies, and probably zombies in general.

I was excited to talk about Diary Of The Dead because it’s going to be about true crime, which is another topic I’m very interested in, and I’m gonna have to try to not drag my feet with Survival Of The Dead because I haven’t had many positive things to say about that one.

I’m still going to be writing. I have a whole log of topic ideas. Some of the topics may still be heavy but it’s not going to be about this shit. I have something in the works right now and I am so very excited about and can’t wait to share it with everyone.

To everyone that has shown me support, be it reading my posts or talking to me about them or retweeting my posts- I appreciate the fuck out of you and thank you for giving me a chance.

Stay safe my guys, gals, and pals.


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